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NiteFlirt Blackmail

Entrapment Blackmail MP3


“There is no running from Me bitch. Once I am done with you, you will have to fucking leave town… Everybody is going to know about your embarrassing little fetishes. Does that scare you?? GOOD… *Laughs* You are so fucked now.”

MP3 features: Blackmail/Entrapment, Laughing, Mental Sadism, Verbal Humiliation, Slave Exploitation.

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NiteFlirt Blackmail

Workplace Blackmail MP3


The other day while I was at work I saw your screen name and went home and ran a google search on it. HOLY FUCK! I always knew you were a pervert but didn’t know it was this bad. I saved everything to my computer so there is nothing you can do about it now bitch. You can go ahead and delete everything and it won’t even make a difference *laughs* You are so fucked now. Now you have no choice but to do everything I tell you to.

MP3 Features: Blackmail/Entrapment, Evil Co-worker Fantasy, Verbal Humiliation.

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Chastity Panties Spell Audio MP3


In this femdom magick spell I do a full invocation of the watchtowers to raise energy  & empower My control over you. I have absolutely NO mercy as I use the powers of darkness to bind you into a life of being LOCKED & PANTIED. You will be compelled to lock yourself into chastity & wear your panties DAILY.  You will be brainwashed into believing that you’re not a real man and must serve Me as a pantied chastity slave. Beware! Nothing can break this spell and the more you listen to it, the more powerful it gets. My femdom witchcraft is real & terrifying. You will feel the effects immediately.

*WARNING! This is a real black magick spell that will cause permanent changes to your thoughts & behaviors!*

Bedtime Whispers ASMR MP3


I take you on a submissive journey into blissful relaxation where I take over your subconscious mind to make you dream of Me night after night.  I use real autosuggestion & NLP techniques to induce lucid dreaming.  My enchanting whispers will guide you into a deep, deep sleep where you will be totally under My control and influence.  You will get so, so sleepy for Princess and have the best dreams of your life… I promise.

Possessed Hand Hump JOI MP3


I summon a forcefield of dark energy into your hand that will have your hand completely possessed! You will be screaming out and moaning like a WHORE as you mercilessly fist fuck yourself for Me.  You will become a literal jack off hand puppet, for Princess Shimmy – the Domination Demoness of femdom sex magick.

You will get taken over and your body will become an empty shell and vessel for My jerk off commands.  I start off with a relaxing guided meditation that covertly grips your mind into submission and leaves you open to My dark spiritual influence.  And then I use real femdom witchcraft & black magic techniques to hijack your mind and body, bringing the hand that you jerk off with into FULL POSSESSION.

You never thought it was possible to have a possession fetish, now did you My puppet? Well, get ready to experience a transcendental jack off experience of a fucking lifetime brought to you by your spiritual mentor High Priestess Princess Shimmy.

Manifesto of the Femdom Witch MP3


I am the Femdom Witch & High Priestess of Slaves. The Domination Demoness. The dark sadistic Sorceress of Sex Magick & Black Witchcraft.
I use My wickedly powerful sorcery, spells, curses and enchantments to addict you. To dominate you. To bind you into eternal slavery and submission.
There is no getting away from this.
There is NO WAY OUT.
This is the ultimate control.
This is real Femdom Witchcraft. This is the manifesto of a REAL Femdom Witch and this is My confession.  These are My motives for your spiritual domination. This is why I do it all.

Voodoo Doll Binding Spell MP3


I summon the powers of Darkness to help bind you into submission before Me, making you completely and totally OWNED. My sultry voice and binding spell is far too dangerous and arousing for you to resist and you will hand over all control without hesitation

I start off with a full body relaxation meditation that puts you into a full blown gnostic trance. You are powerless before Me as I stick your femdom voodoo doll with My infernal pin of domination to drive My Will further into your mind, body and soul. My expert knowledge in black magic and witchcraft will ensure you never leave again…

Beware! This is permanent and real femdom spellcasting by the wicked Sorceress & High Priestess of slaves: Princess Shimmy. I’ve also loaded this video clip with subconscious messages. This is not a game.

*Warning! This is a 100% real black magic spell that cannot be reversed! Purchase at your own risk!*

Black Magick Domination Spell MP3


Gaze into the candle as I cast My powerful femdom black magick spell over you. I lead you into a dark, esoteric journey with a relaxing guided meditation and full body induction that will leave you open to My witchcraft. I invoke the powers of the four quarters & elements to bind you into complete submission before Me. This is real occult domination that will cause permanent and irreversible effects to your dharma and life path. You will be brought to your knees by My dark spellcasting ritual and be left begging to submit to the Femdom High Priestess: Princess Shimmy.

*WARNING! This MP3 contains a 100% real black magick spell! Purchase at your own risk!*

Forever MINE MP3


I am the Enchantress, the High Priestess and the Femdom Witch. And you are My spiritual slave…

Relax and focus on My voice as your are enchanted by My femdom magic control and mental domination. There is NO getting away.

Forever owned in Darkness.

Forever MINE.

Do What Thou Wilt MP3


I am alone. There is no God where I am.  I am heaven and there is no God before Me.  Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.  Love is the law… love under Will. Let Her raise Herself in pride! Let Her work the work of wickedness! Let Her be loud and adulterous! Let her be covered with jewels, and rich garments, and let her be shameless before all men!

Then will I lift her to pinnacles of power…

This MP3 is inspired from Aleister Crowley’s “The Book of the Law.”  As your Femdom High Priestess I break down the most important parts that will help lead you into spiritual liberation through the principles of Thelema.  You will be so inspired by these teachings you will be ready to leave your life and religion behind to serve Me, the Femdom Witch, Princess Shimmy.

So Fucking Owned MP3


It’s so amusing to Me that you think you could run… But SURPRISE!  I’ve implanted subconscious triggers into your mind that you can never erase. And you don’t want to… oh no, you don’t want to.
It feels so good just to give in and worship with your wallet. It feels *so fucking good* to be owned by Princess.
This is about you acknowledging your role in life as a submissive. Your role in life as a slave to Princess Shimmy.
Because you are so. Fucking. OWNED.
*Listen to this with headphones on to experience the Binaural audio effects!*

Permanent Chastity Spell MP3


I am the Femdom Witch and I command the powers of darkness to possess your cock & possess your mind. You can kiss your sex life goodbye because you will never have sex or stroke again. I drain your cock of all of it’s lifeforce energy and put you under My Permanent Chastity Spell. Day by day the spell gets stronger… day by day your cock gets weaker.


*Warning! This MP3 contains a 100% real Black Magick spell that gets stronger and more powerful every time the clip is watched. This can cause permanent effects that CANNOT be reversed!*

*Listen to this with headphones on to experience the Mindfuck effects*

Obey the Perfect Tits JOI MP3


I command you to tune out everything in the world that doesn’t revolve around ME. I command you to focus on My perfect tits and obey My masturbation commands. You’re My stroke puppet, stroking for Me submissively. That’s My good boy. You must OBEY the perfect tits.
Will Princess let you cum? Do you even think you deserve to cum? Or will Princess make you suffer?

Crawling Back to Princess MP3


You thought you could get away. But you were wrong… you were so very wrong. Did you really think you could forget about Me? Once you’ve tasted the sweet poison of My voice you were addicted. Once you gazed at My amazing, powerful tits you were addicted.
You and I both know it was only a matter of time before you’d come crawling back to Princess.

The Black Arts MP3


This was never about you. This was always about Me. I am the Demoness that lurks in the darkest recesses of your mind, controlling you. Making you so weak and helpless… so hard for Princess. You must give in to the Darkness. I am a High Priestess of the Black Arts and I command you to let everything go because it’s time to spend and worship Princess.

Better Than Sex MP3


You don’t need sex anymore because you have Me now. Your greatest pleasure comes from the submission of giving in to Me. Reprogramming your orgasm to make worshiping and stroking for Me to feel better than SEX.

My Human Property MP3


I make it so easy for you to be a slave for Me… I make it so easy for you to give in. You don’t even control your own life anymore. Princess is in control of EVERYTHING.
All you need to do is stare at Me and worship. There’s no need to think for yourself anymore. All you need to do is accept your role in life as My human property.

Gender Transformation Spell MP3


I expertly guide you into the deepest meditation of your entire life to leave you completely vulnerable and open to the influence of My femdom black magic. I take control over your mind and soul with a powerful full body relaxation then introduce you to the spirit of the Pink Sun. The Pink Sun is special and you won’t find this spirit anywhere else because I am the one who discovered and channeled it for gay spellcasting.

I direct the Pink Sun to possess you with it’s energy to cause a spiritual transfiguration of your gender, from male to female. Your male ego will be burned away and you will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, with your SOUL transformed and reprogrammed as a submissive female.

*Listen to this MP3 with headphones on to experience the mind altering audio effects.*


Aura Infiltration MP3


In this guided meditation MP3 I help you open your aura so you can feel the waves of energy flowing inside of you. I slowly and sensually infiltrate your aura causing you to become more easily influenced by Me and My control. You are made to feel relaxed and safe with My dark presence.  My soft, gentle and mesmerizing voice will make you realize you are merely a tool in the forging of My abysmal empire.
Easing you into Black Magick has never been so easy.

Voodoo Control MP3


I start off with a long, relaxing meditation that leaves your body numb, helpless and completely under My femdom voodoo doll control. I’ve hijacked your mind with the sound of My voice, leaving you unable to move and unable to think. Just left to worship, stare, obey… and hand over everything.

Trapped in My Voodoo Doll MP3


You can say goodbye now. You can forget about everything because you are trapped now… trapped inside My femdom voodoo doll. The spell has begun and there is no getting away.
How does it feel to know your freedom has been taken away, mercilessly? Your life is in the palm of My hands.

Your Misfortune Foretold MP3


I am THE Femdom Fortune Teller and when I gaze into My crystal ball I am able to channel the divine.
And guess what My little puppet? I can see so deeply into your future. I can see what your life will hold. You are a lifetime slave… and your life is MINE. There is no escaping it… your misfortune has been foretold.

Sissy Behavior Modification MP3


*Interactive Sissy Reprogramming*

As Princess Shimmy’s sissy, you are commanded to obey. Commanded to suffer. Commanded to serve.
You are compelled to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of control. On the count of three, after I snap My fingers you will kneel down before Me completely naked and put on your sissy bra and panties. One… Two… Three… *SNAP!*
That’s My good little bitch. Now repeat the following worship mantras as you perform My sissification and suffering commands in real time.

Anything for Princess MP3


Seductively reprogramming and manipulating you into submission. I use My addicting voice, looks and charm to break down all defenses and make you Mine. You cannot help but feel so weak now… You will do *ANYTHING* for Princess Shimmy.