Femdom slave humiliation assignments by financial humiliatrix Princess Shimmy

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7 Deadly Sins: 1 Week of SIN


7 Deadly sins… one week of sin. One week of pure Femdom debauchery where you will commit every sin imaginable in the name of freedom and liberation! Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath and more.
You will throw your human decency out the door and succumb to life’s forbidden pleasures. Can you handle it? Your life will never be the same again once you complete Princess Shimmy’s 1 week of sin assignment.

20 Ways to Fuck Your Life Up


I’ve listed 20 of the most diabolical, evil and depraved tasks I could think of for you to perform for Me. You’ll be shocked at how cruel some of these tasks are and how far they push your limits. These 20 really, really bad ideas have the potential to totally fuck your life up if you complete them.

Your life will be turned around forever and there will be no going back once you complete these Femdom humiliation tasks. This will really help anchor your spot on the bottom of the social food chain. You’ll want to face palm every time you get a hard on. Proceed with caution!

Truth or Dare Game


Let’s play a risky humiliation game that you’ll never forget.  Inside this are 10 Truth or Dare tasks that will leave you shocked, hard and questioning your own dignity!

If you’re not into extreme humiliation and/or possibly answering super personal questions, run the other way!  Come play My super degrading and potentially exposing truth or dare game!

Privacy Invasion Questions


Are you ready to have your privacy and personal life completely invaded? In this I’ve included 35 embarrassing, humiliating and personal questions to make you squirm in your seat as you answer them!

You will feel so mentally violated as you are made to confess things you wouldn’t want anyone in the world to know! Come spill the beans and subject yourself to My style of interrogation.

Homemade Pocket Pussy


Hey loser! It’s time to face the facts. Your loser dick is never going to please a real woman, so why would you ever need to see or feel a real pussy ever again?
You shouldn’t be wasting MY money on expensive sex toys, so I’m going to give you step by step instructions on how to make two different types of your very own pocket pussy!
OMG! You are soo lucky for this! Be prepared to meet your new “girlfriend!”

Pillow Humper


Haha LOSER! You and I both know you couldn’t get laid even if you tried. But don’t worry, I have a solution for this little problem of yours.  Today we are going to turn that pillow of yours into your new girlfriend!
You’re going to follow My humiliating pillow humping instructions while staring at 3 of the worship pics I have included in this.
Ready… Set… Hump your pillow!

I Double Dare You Roulette


Let’s play a game My little puppets… a very dangerous one. Let’s do a little humiliation and mix it up with some exposure roulette, shall we? This contains a series of dares that if you perform can leave your reputation totally annihilated or maybe you will be lucky and get away with it! So let’s play bitch, I double dare you!

Your Life is Over

Your Life is Over!


Follow My series of cruel and diabolical instructions to put an end to your life as you know it! This assignment includes 5 steps for you to do daily that will lead to the destruction of your relationships and reputation. Are you ready to be outed as a perverted loser and have everyone close to you LAUGHING behind your back?  Proceed with caution, bitch boy!

Humiliating Jerk Off Rituals

Humiliating Jerk off Rituals

$12.99 $8.99

5 humiliating jerk off rituals for the lowest of the low and truly pathetic!  Subject yourself to My sadistic and ultra degrading masturbation rituals to further bitchify yourself to the point of no return!

Cum Eating Instructions

Loser Lunch


Guess who’s preparing lunch today? Yup, you are but under My diabolical instructions, of course! This is an ultra degrading, loser humiliation assignment involving food and quite possibly your own bodily secretions. Degrade yourself by showing Me you’re willing to eat anything and everything that Princess tells you to!

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Daily Slave Rituals

Daily Bitch Mantra


This is going to be your daily bitch mantra! Every morning when you get out of bed, the first thing you will do is repeat this sentence 10 times in a row before you start your day. But of course, you need to purchase this to find out what it is!

Loser Slave

Welcome to Loserdom!


Hello loser! One thing you need to get through that thick asshole skull of yours is YOU ARE PATHETIC and need guidance in completely accepting your loserdom! This assignment includes bitch mantras and a change in your porn viewing habits to bring you closer to accepting your 24/7 bitch boy status! I will help you adopt a regime that will help reinforce total loser like behaviour, so that there will be no going back!


Self-Bukkake Humiliation


You’re a submissive little jerk off that deserves to be degraded and made to do disgusting things for My entertainment. In this assignment you follow a series of cruel instructions as you bukkake all over yourself in 3 ultra humiliating positions for Me.
Get ready to spread your ass and open your mouth wide for Princess Shimmy!

Sissy Behavior Modification


*Interactive Sissy Reprogramming*
As Princess Shimmy’s sissy, you are commanded to obey. Commanded to suffer. Commanded to serve.
You are compelled to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of control. On the count of three, after I snap My fingers you will kneel down before Me completely naked and put on your sissy bra and panties.
One… Two… Three… *SNAP!*
That’s My good little bitch. Now repeat the following worship mantras as you perform My sissification and suffering commands in real time..

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Public Humiliation Tasks


OMG! You are such a bitch and you totally need to humiliate yourself in public so others can see what a loser you are! This contains 3 ultra humiliating taks which you will complete in public… if you dare!

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