Demonic Tarot Reading





This is a totally non-traditional tarot reading. I will enter a state of gnosis while focusing on either your screen name or your real name and photo (which is totally optional depending on if you’re comfortable enough to provide Me with that info.)

I will pull out ONE card from this deck which will be the name of a DEMON who so happens to be calling out to YOU at that particular moment. I will provide you with certain reference to this entity so you can learn more about it and give you instructions on how to WORSHIP it.

I don’t worship Demons, but you sure as hell will. And your worshiping energy will be funneled straight to ME thus making ME a more powerful MAGE.

Here’s a hint though… these beings like sexual sacrifices.

Think of this of one of the most unholy sacraments ever coined in the Femdom world, courtesy of your Demoness, Princess Shimmy.

The reading will be done within one week of purchase and a photo of the card I pulled will be sent to you along with the reading.

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