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Boob Worship Instructions Part 4


Are you a slave for My tits? Prove it by obeying My worship instructions by staring into My enchanted pendulum as I hold it up to My cleavage, showing you where to focus your gaze!  You will be so mesmerized by the sight of My Goddess breasts you will be begging to give Me more and more and more! Includes 5 mind blowing tit worship pics and jerk off instructions for each pic.

Boob Worship Instructions Pt 3


*Includes 7 hot worship photos!*
I know how weak you get when you stare at My glorious boobs.  You become completely mesmerized and turn into a total tit zombie, unable to think, unable to speak or move! But don’t worry My little puppets, you do not need to think for yourselves anymore. This includes 7 ridiculously hot boob worship pics with very specific worship instructions for each one of them. You’re going to worship Me the way I tell you to! So let’s get to it!

Princess Prayer


It’s time for you to show your devotion to Princess. I want you on your knees, praying to Me like the living deity that I am. Here’s a prayer I want you to recite while staring at these two gorgeous breast and panty worship photos that I’m including in this. You will recite this prayer every morning and night in honour and worship of this Femdom Goddess!

Shimmy Shrine


I want you to show your total devotion by creating a shrine of worship dedicated solely to Me! In this I give you 4 super sexy, cock exploding pics of Me in a semi-sheer (yup, you heard Me right!) bra and pink high heels!
You’re going to decorate your shrine with these pics and work as hard as you can to impress Me with your altar of worship!

Boob Worship Instructions Pt 2


Are you ready for another hit of My extremely addictive “Boob Worship Instructions” series?
I want you to stare at these 5 mind blowing boob worship pics as you follow My directions on how to worship properly!
You will be weakened and mesmerized… by the time I am done with you, you will be begging to be My tit slave FOREVER!

Stare at My Boobs Game


The game is simple… pull up these three extreme boob worship pics and stare at them for the amount of time I command you to. If you blink, you lose!!


Boob Worship Instructions


Are you ready to fall to your knees in total submission and pay homage to My perfect 10 boobs by following My boob worship and jerk off instructions? This pay to view includes 5 totally drool worthy boob worship pics snapped with My webcam. You will be teased and denied as you serve as My new titty slave.

Boob Worship

Boob Worship Tasks


It’s no secret that you’re totally infatuated with My perfect tits! As My bitch you’re going to drop to your knees and worship them as you complete these boob worship instructions for Me. This assignment includes 3 boob worship tasks as well as 3 pics of My boobs in some sexy bras to aid you in your journey.