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Gay Porn Drinking Game


Let’s have some fun tonight by getting you super fucked up while watching gay porn. You’re going to need lots of beer, hard liquor and the stomach to take the alcoholic punishment I’m about to inflict on you! Come get intoxicated, the evil Princess Shimmy way! Are you up for the challenge?

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10 Odd Insertions Challenge


Here’s 10 odd objects that I instruct you to stick where the sun doesn’t shine. Get ready for some seriously degrading ass fuck instructions with various objects that can be found around the house or the grocery store. You’ll be so humiliated you won’t even be able to look at some of these every day objects the same again! Are you ready to defile yourself and give that butthole a humiliating workout for Princess? Can you handle all 10 objects? Come complete My odd insertions challenge and find out now!

Gay New Years Resolutions


Here’s 15 gay new years resolutions to help guide you into the new year. If you follow through with these resolutions there will be no more denying your gayness. Princess Shimmy is an expert at turning straight men into full fledged fruit loops and fudge packers. Gayness is GUARANTEED! Let Princess guide your new gay lifestyle and show you the way to total and complete gaydom in the new year!

Plugged and Locked


Get locked and plugged for Princess! In this humiliating assignment you will be made to wear a buttplug and chastity device for the next 5 days while you go about your business in public. You will be so humiliated and embarrassed waddling around town thinking everyone knows you have something shoved up your fuck donut! You’ll be in full on bitch mode as you are given 5 different humiliation destinations you will take a trip to while locked and plugged for Princess!

2 Weeks of Degrading Orgasms


Here’s 2 full weeks of degrading jerk off instructions, orgasm tasks and cum eating instructions. If you do this full assignment you will be so humiliated and disgusted with yourself, you won’t even be able to look at yourself in the mirror! It will be like you’re totally caught into the abyss of hardcore jerk off humiliation, you won’t know how to get out! You’re MY bitch for the next 2 weeks, and you’re going to jerk it how I want, where I want… and to WHAT I want!

20 Ways to Fuck Your Life Up


I’ve listed 20 of the most diabolical, evil and depraved tasks I could think of for you to perform for Me. You’ll be shocked at how cruel some of these tasks are and how far they push your limits. These 20 really, really bad ideas have the potential to totally fuck your life up if you complete them.

Your life will be turned around forever and there will be no going back once you complete these Femdom humiliation tasks. This will really help anchor your spot on the bottom of the social food chain. You’ll want to face palm every time you get a hard on. Proceed with caution!

Get Gay Fucked!


You can run but you can’t hide! Gay guys are going to be on the hunt and it’s gonna be your ass on the line! I’ll show you a way for all your local neighbourhood gays to pin point your exact location, for you to get your mouth and ass used and abused!

Imagine being at the shopping mall with your friends and you have to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom to get gay fucked… it can happen anywhere, at any time!  All you need is a smartphone and I’ll show you how to make yourself a target for all the pervy homos in your hood!

Sissy Behavior Modification MP3


*Interactive Sissy Reprogramming*

As Princess Shimmy’s sissy, you are commanded to obey. Commanded to suffer. Commanded to serve.
You are compelled to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of control. On the count of three, after I snap My fingers you will kneel down before Me completely naked and put on your sissy bra and panties. One… Two… Three… *SNAP!*
That’s My good little bitch. Now repeat the following worship mantras as you perform My sissification and suffering commands in real time.


Gay Hints in Public

$7.99 $4.99

Here is a list of things you can do in public that will be making everyone say “Hmmm… he *MUST* be gay!” Have everyone talking about you behind your back, questioning your sexuality and debating whether you or gay or straight! By the time you complete all the instructions I list to you, all your friends, neighbors and co-workers will be thinking you are gay!


Daily Homo Rituals

$5.99 $3.99

Here’s a series of daily rituals you can perform to increase your gayness. I’ve laid out in detail the 10 things that you can do daily to release your inner queer! Come on “boys,” lets turn you into some perfectly manicured and well behaved homos!


Bizarre Dick Sucking Techniques

$11.99 $6.99

Hey bitch, so I hear you’re getting tired of your usual dick sucking routine. I think it’s about time we switched it up with six of My bizarre dick sucking techniques to spice things up! Warning: These techniques are not for the faint of heart! These instructions are reserved for the truly depraved cock whores who can’t get enough.

Gay Tranny Slut Spell MP3


This is a spell to turn you into a cocksucking tranny whore who will meet strange, horny men over the internet.  After listening to this MP3 you will be compelled to wear women’s clothing and makeup and have an insatiable thirst for cock and cum.  But it doesn’t just end there My little fag puppet… you will be pushed to the limits and made to meet up with the men who contact you in a hotel room where you will drop to your knees with your mouth wide open as soon as you hear a knock at your door…

*Knock Knock Knock…*

Do you dare open that door?

*Warning! This MP3 contains a 100% REAL Black Magick Spell that cannot be reversed!*

Creampie Facial Humiliation


I think we all know you are too much of a loser to get a real creampie, so being the evil mastermind that I am, I’ve come up with an utterly diabolical way for you to have your very own creampie… in your face! Follow My step-by-step instructions and get a creamy facial, the evil Princess Shimmy way!

BEWARE! Extreme humiliation and degradation inside!

Cock Controls Me

Cock Controls You MP3


I have transformed you into My mindless puppet and you exist now only to serve as My new gay cock slave. You have no standards, no limits and no boundaries.  You will pursue your need for cock and as your addiction grows you will submit yourself to it without question. 

Gloryhole Mission

Gloryhole Mission

$11.99 $9.99

A Gloryhole is a fist-sized hole large enough to fit a penis through that is usually found in places like private video booths at the adult bookstores. It allows the individual on the opposite side to perform sexual acts while maintaining anonymity for both parties.  Sounds like fun huh?  *Evil laughs*
Today you are going on a “Gloryhole Mission” and I will show you how to find one while assigning you tasks to collect additional bitch points on this mission.
Ready… Set… Go Homo!!

Cock Lover

Cock Lover


I want to turn you into a total and complete cock WHORE! For the next 7 days you will learn to love all types of cock regardless if it’s big or small, circumcised or uncircumcised, from a fat guy or skinny guy, hairy or shaved.  Each day of the week you will jerk it to a different type of cock as your perform My ass fucking instructions no matter how humiliating or degrading it may be.
You will have no standards, no limits or boundaries as you totally lose the ability to say “no!” You will push yourself past your slutty limits and in the end you will be put on display to show the world what a skank you really are!

Gay or Straight Quiz

Gay or Straight Quiz

$9.99 $4.99

Have you found yourself questioning your sexuality lately?  Have you ever thought of cock and felt blood rush down to your giggle stick?  Have you ever thought that you might actually be GAY?  Well bitch, luckily for you I am an expert at telling whether a slave is gay or straight so I made this quiz for you confused homos.  The Dr. is in!! Are you gay or straight? Take this quiz to find out now!

Gay Porn Overload

Gay Porn Overload

$12.99 $7.99

Are you ready for some serious gay porn OVERLOAD?  This contains the links to several gay porn videos I have chosen for your bitch ass! There are 6 video links in total with 6 separate humiliation tasks to perform while watching each video! This is over an hour of non-stop humiliation! After completing My “Gay Porn Overload” assignment I promise you will never be the same again.  The experience will take you to a while new level of fagdom! Can you handle it, bitch?

Cock Cravings

Cock Cravings MP3


This MP3 will leave you constantly fiending for cock.  You will be reprogrammed into wanting to hold, taste and play with it no matter what the consequences may be.  I manipulate you to make it so that your new life revolves around cock and nothing else. It’s all you crave and can think about.

Gay Exposure

Come out of the Closet!


Hey homo… I think it’s time for you to come out of the closet! The truth is, everyone already probably thinks you are gay, so I’m sure it won’t be much of a surprise to the people who know you but I’ll still help you out yourself to them.

This is a step by step assignment that well require you to gather all kinds of incriminating evidence about your queer double life to ultimately seal your fate in exposing yourself to everyone for what you really are!  Once you complete these steps, there will be no turning back for you and then everyone will know the truth that you’re really a flaming faggot!

Gay Humiliation

Gay Porn Challenge


Greetings My little closet fags. Today I am giving you the ultimate test to see if you are gay!  In this PTV is a link to 3 hardcore gay porn videos that you will have to watch on your knees! It will be an ass fucking, ball licking, T-bagging homoerotic extravaganza right in your face on your computer screen. You will have to watch all three videos in and row with the volume on LOUD and if you get a boner… YOU ARE GAY!! When you are done watching the videos, you will message Me to let Me know the outcome!
Find out the truth about your sexuality bitch! Are you gay or are you straight? Find out now!

Gay Reprogramming

Gay Reprogramming MP3


In this MP3 I reprogram your mind into being gay! I implant suggestions into your head that leave you unable to be turned on by women and only turned on by cock! You will feel like such a gay, humiliated little bitch but you won’t be able to help yourself and will only crave more!

You can kiss your heterosexuality goodbye and say hello to your new life as My slutty, sissy fag. This is mental manipulation at it’s finest where I bend your will and reprogram your sexuality.

Slave Pimping

Pimping you Out!


Get ready to be bent over and humiliated by Princess Shimmy. You will be used, abused and treated like a worthless sex doll for the benefit of no one else but Me!
That’s right faggot… I want to PIMP you out!! At first it’s going to require some practice because once I send you to the track I don’t need you bitching and moaning (literally hehe) that you can’t take it!
You will be pimped out and used like a human blowup doll! You will master the fine art of pleasing strangers in order to serve Me better and bring Me more money!

Ass Play

Grocery Gaper


In this assignment you will pay a visit to the grocery store to find some phallic shaped vegetables! What proceeds next is stretching and… DINNER!! OMG I bet you’re already drooling at the very thought of that, aren’t you loser?! Hahaha.
If you want more details you’ll just have to pay! All I can promise is that you will be left feeling used, humiliated and totally disgusted with yourself, just like you deserve!