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Lil Black Dress Pics


10 sexy pics of Princess Shimmy wearing a skin tight, cleavage bearing little black dress for you to worship & put on your shrine.  In these pics I enchant you with My mystical obsidian pendulum to make worship even deeper.  You’ll be teased by My ass, cleavage and My sexy pink high heels.

So Fucking OWNED


It’s so amusing to Me that you think you could run… But SURPRISE! I’ve implanted subconscious triggers into your mind that you can never erase.  And you don’t want to… oh no, you don’t want to.

It feels so good just to give in and worship with your wallet.  It feels *so fucking good* to be owned by Princess.

This is about you acknowledging your role in life as a submissive. Your role in life as a slave to Princess Shimmy.

Because you are so. Fucking. OWNED.

*Listen to this with headphones on to experience the Binaural audio effects!*

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Sequin Corset Fantasy


A total Princess fantasy in PINK. You will be dizzy and seeing stars once you lay your unworthy eyes on My sequined corset and pink sparkly heels. Become a slave to My perfect cleavage now.

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