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Plugged and Locked


Get locked and plugged for Princess! In this humiliating assignment you will be made to wear a buttplug and chastity device for the next 5 days while you go about your business in public. You will be so humiliated and embarrassed waddling around town thinking everyone knows you have something shoved up your fuck donut! You’ll be in full on bitch mode as you are given 5 different humiliation destinations you will take a trip to while locked and plugged for Princess!

Ass Worship

Ass Worship Part 1


*This assignment includes three ass worship pics!*

Lets face it, you are totally addicted to My perfect 10 round ass! You need to worship it… you are a slave to My ass. This assignment consists of ass worship & jerk off instructions that will done at home in front of your computer.  You will stroke, edge and worship My shapely Goddess ass exactly how I tell you to!

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Public Humiliation Tasks


OMG! You are such a bitch and you totally need to humiliate yourself in public so others can see what a loser you are! This contains 3 ultra humiliating taks which you will complete in public… if you dare!

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