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Destroy your Life!


Alright bitch face. It’s time for you to get your fucking life destroyed by a young, hot and ruthless Princess! You are going to follow the series of cruel and humiliating instructions I have laid out for you in this assignment and once you are done, I guarantee you will lose your friends, family, job and maybe even your entire family!

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NiteFlirt Blackmail

Entrapment Blackmail MP3


“There is no running from Me bitch. Once I am done with you, you will have to fucking leave town… Everybody is going to know about your embarrassing little fetishes. Does that scare you?? GOOD… *Laughs* You are so fucked now.”

MP3 features: Blackmail/Entrapment, Laughing, Mental Sadism, Verbal Humiliation, Slave Exploitation.

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Small Penis Protection Program


Your secret is out and everyone knows that you have a small penis. Your fail cock is so embarrassing that it should be put into the witness protection program to never be seen again! Lucky for you, being the genius that I am I have My very own version called the small penis protection program. You will disguise your cock and go deep undercover so your cock won’t even be recognized anymore.

We both know that thing between your legs isn’t a dick. It’s a focal point of mockery and laughter so you might as well have some fun by joining Princess Shimmy’s Small Penis Protection Program!

*Includes two example pics of other slaves who have completed this assignment*

Stealthy Public Jack Off Missions


I list 5 public places where you must jack off AND bust your load within a week. You’ll be like the Jason Borne or James Bond of jacking off! You must stealthily complete all 5 jack off missions within 7 days or you will FAIL and be punished!

WARNING: Not only is this slave assignment incredibly humiliating, it’s also very risky and dangerous. Play at your own risk!

Plugged and Locked


Get locked and plugged for Princess! In this humiliating assignment you will be made to wear a buttplug and chastity device for the next 5 days while you go about your business in public. You will be so humiliated and embarrassed waddling around town thinking everyone knows you have something shoved up your fuck donut! You’ll be in full on bitch mode as you are given 5 different humiliation destinations you will take a trip to while locked and plugged for Princess!

20 Ways to Fuck Your Life Up


I’ve listed 20 of the most diabolical, evil and depraved tasks I could think of for you to perform for Me. You’ll be shocked at how cruel some of these tasks are and how far they push your limits. These 20 really, really bad ideas have the potential to totally fuck your life up if you complete them.

Your life will be turned around forever and there will be no going back once you complete these Femdom humiliation tasks. This will really help anchor your spot on the bottom of the social food chain. You’ll want to face palm every time you get a hard on. Proceed with caution!

Femdom Freakshow Slave Auditions


Do you have what it takes to be put on display as My epic bitch?  How far are you willing to go to degrade yourself for My amusement?  Do you want to go down in history as the biggest loser on Earth?

Today you will be auditioning for My Femdom Freakshow by sending Me the most humiliating pictures you can possibly imagine.   I give you several humiliating photo ideas but in the end it’s up to you to follow through! Know that I only accept the most jaw dropping, LOL-worthy slave pictures. So, you better make it good if you want to be put on parade for the WHOLE WORLD to see on Princess Shimmy’s Femdom Freakshow!


Gay Hints in Public

$7.99 $4.99

Here is a list of things you can do in public that will be making everyone say “Hmmm… he *MUST* be gay!” Have everyone talking about you behind your back, questioning your sexuality and debating whether you or gay or straight! By the time you complete all the instructions I list to you, all your friends, neighbors and co-workers will be thinking you are gay!

I Double Dare You Roulette


Let’s play a game My little puppets… a very dangerous one. Let’s do a little humiliation and mix it up with some exposure roulette, shall we? This contains a series of dares that if you perform can leave your reputation totally annihilated or maybe you will be lucky and get away with it! So let’s play bitch, I double dare you!


Sissy Shopping Trip

$9.99 $8.99

What do you get when you mix and little public humiliation with every girl’s favourite place in the world? A sissy shopping trip! In this I’ve laid out a series of steps and instructions for you to follow when you are at the mall. And don’t think you’re safe with just running into any old store… oh no, My little fuck puppet- you will be going to a LINGERIE store to complete this assignment.

There are certain sexy, slutty things that every sissy girl needs in her wardrobe and I’m going to help you get it. I’m also sprinkling in a little public humiliation but you won’t know exactly what I have in store for you until you get this and find out!


Sissy Dress up Party

$9.99 $5.99

Hey bitch, are you ready to get your party on?  You’re going to get all dolled up like a slut and show off your goods on webcam, public humiliation style!
Shake your butt, pucker your lips and get your freak on while other fags from all over the world watch and flick their sticks. Oh, and don’t forget to show your new boyfriends your oral skills too! Everyone’s invited, so you’ll be in great company for Princess Shimmy’s Sissy Dress up Party!

Your Life is Over

Your Life is Over!


Follow My series of cruel and diabolical instructions to put an end to your life as you know it! This assignment includes 5 steps for you to do daily that will lead to the destruction of your relationships and reputation. Are you ready to be outed as a perverted loser and have everyone close to you LAUGHING behind your back?  Proceed with caution, bitch boy!

Public Drag Queen

Public Drag Queen


It’s time for you to show them who you really are! The world needs to know that you are a sissy, crossdressing queer! In this assignment you will be going out in public dressed in drag. I will provide you with details on where you should go, what you should wear as well as how to submit Me proof that you completed this assignment!

Do you dare see how far I want to push you?

Slave Pimping

Pimping you Out!


Get ready to be bent over and humiliated by Princess Shimmy. You will be used, abused and treated like a worthless sex doll for the benefit of no one else but Me!
That’s right faggot… I want to PIMP you out!! At first it’s going to require some practice because once I send you to the track I don’t need you bitching and moaning (literally hehe) that you can’t take it!
You will be pimped out and used like a human blowup doll! You will master the fine art of pleasing strangers in order to serve Me better and bring Me more money!

Gay Training

Gay Chat Roulette


In this assignment you will have to follow the link I have enclosed in this mail and go to a gay chat roulette site and jerk off in front of guys! Chat roulette is basically a webcam chatroom where you can switch between the cams of multiple people… and multiple people can switch around and see your cam too! Be prepared to be put on display in a gay webcam chat room as Princess Shimmy’s bitch!

Public Humiliation Tasks


OMG! You are such a bitch and you totally need to humiliate yourself in public so others can see what a loser you are! This contains 3 ultra humiliating taks which you will complete in public… if you dare!

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