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Chastity Panties Spell Audio MP3


In this femdom magick spell I do a full invocation of the watchtowers to raise energy  & empower My control over you. I have absolutely NO mercy as I use the powers of darkness to bind you into a life of being LOCKED & PANTIED. You will be compelled to lock yourself into chastity & wear your panties DAILY.  You will be brainwashed into believing that you’re not a real man and must serve Me as a pantied chastity slave. Beware! Nothing can break this spell and the more you listen to it, the more powerful it gets. My femdom witchcraft is real & terrifying. You will feel the effects immediately.

*WARNING! This is a real black magick spell that will cause permanent changes to your thoughts & behaviors!*

Gender Transformation Spell MP3


I expertly guide you into the deepest meditation of your entire life to leave you completely vulnerable and open to the influence of My femdom black magic. I take control over your mind and soul with a powerful full body relaxation then introduce you to the spirit of the Pink Sun. The Pink Sun is special and you won’t find this spirit anywhere else because I am the one who discovered and channeled it for gay spellcasting.

I direct the Pink Sun to possess you with it’s energy to cause a spiritual transfiguration of your gender, from male to female. Your male ego will be burned away and you will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, with your SOUL transformed and reprogrammed as a submissive female.

*Listen to this MP3 with headphones on to experience the mind altering audio effects.*


Sissy Exposure Dice Game


You fantasize about dressing up in your girlie outfit, sucking dick and taking it up your slutty ass! Awww, come on. Don’t be shy bitch boy, your secrets are safe with me… for now!
Well, guess what? I’m going to help you act out on those fantasies with this dice game. What embarrassing poses and actions will Princess have you photograph yourself doing? Will your pictures impress Me enough for Me to post online, possibly exposing you for the world to see?
Come find out now, slave. Your fate will be sealed with the roll of the dice!

P.S. Don’t worry if you don’t have any dice on hand. I link you to a website when you can roll one online!

Pinky Dinky


This assignment is for all you sissies that want your tiny little clitty to look even more cute and pathetic then it already is!
You will look as feminine as possible as you obey My instructions and maintain a pinky dinky at ALL TIMES!
Have I sparked your interest, slave? Haha! Good!
Now buy this assignment now to find out what I have in store for you!


Gay Hints in Public

$7.99 $4.99

Here is a list of things you can do in public that will be making everyone say “Hmmm… he *MUST* be gay!” Have everyone talking about you behind your back, questioning your sexuality and debating whether you or gay or straight! By the time you complete all the instructions I list to you, all your friends, neighbors and co-workers will be thinking you are gay!


Daily Homo Rituals

$5.99 $3.99

Here’s a series of daily rituals you can perform to increase your gayness. I’ve laid out in detail the 10 things that you can do daily to release your inner queer! Come on “boys,” lets turn you into some perfectly manicured and well behaved homos!


Sissy Shopping Trip

$9.99 $8.99

What do you get when you mix and little public humiliation with every girl’s favourite place in the world? A sissy shopping trip! In this I’ve laid out a series of steps and instructions for you to follow when you are at the mall. And don’t think you’re safe with just running into any old store… oh no, My little fuck puppet- you will be going to a LINGERIE store to complete this assignment.

There are certain sexy, slutty things that every sissy girl needs in her wardrobe and I’m going to help you get it. I’m also sprinkling in a little public humiliation but you won’t know exactly what I have in store for you until you get this and find out!


Sissy Dress up Party

$9.99 $5.99

Hey bitch, are you ready to get your party on?  You’re going to get all dolled up like a slut and show off your goods on webcam, public humiliation style!
Shake your butt, pucker your lips and get your freak on while other fags from all over the world watch and flick their sticks. Oh, and don’t forget to show your new boyfriends your oral skills too! Everyone’s invited, so you’ll be in great company for Princess Shimmy’s Sissy Dress up Party!


Sissy Dickgloss

$9.99 $6.99

You are a cock sucking whore, so therefore you do not get to wear lipgloss the way normal girls do.  You get to wear it gay trampy style… I like to call it Sissy DICKgloss! Haha!
There are multiple ways you can complete this assignment and bonus bitch boy points can be earned for doing it each additional way.  So let’s get you all dolled up the evil Princess Shimmy way!

Caged Sissy Slut


Hey loser! You know you’re never going please anyone with that tiny, useless cock of yours, right? I think the best thing you could do for yourself at this point in life is lock yourself in chastity and learn to be a remorseless whore! I’m going to teach you how to take it like a champ… and in the end you will be decked out in full sissy gear, looking like a cheap slut and you will love every minute of it.
Only real men are allowed to get hard, so get your cage out and lock that useless thing up. Surrender to Princess!

Sissy Ass Annihilation

Sissy Ass Annihilation


It’s time for your sissy ass to get ANNIHILATED!! This assignment contains detailed and graphic commands on how to annihilate your own ass for My profit and amusement!
You will be screaming out in pleasure and pain as you take My butthole abuse instructions! Various positions, speeds and tools will be used for your own ass destruction, are you ready for it bitch?

Public Drag Queen

Public Drag Queen


It’s time for you to show them who you really are! The world needs to know that you are a sissy, crossdressing queer! In this assignment you will be going out in public dressed in drag. I will provide you with details on where you should go, what you should wear as well as how to submit Me proof that you completed this assignment!

Do you dare see how far I want to push you?

Gay Training

Teaching you to be GAY


So loser, I know you want Me to teach you how to be a full blown gay sissy bitch. Follow these crucial lifestyle changes and daily rituals and you are sure to transform from a “man” into a slutty, submissive homosexual!  These changes and rituals will help reprogram your thinking by introducing really queer habits into your daily routine!! Be My fag… it is your ultimate destiny.  You were born to be gay so now it’s time to act it out!

Chastity Training

Shave it for Shimmy


Greetings bitch! Guess what you’re going to do for Me? You’re going to rid yourself of all that nasty man hair and turn yourself into a soft, smooth, perfectly shaven sissy.

Your body will feel so silky and smooth by the time you are done… it will really help you get in touch with your submissive side! I also require shaving from all of My potential chastity slaves.

At the end of this assignment you will be inspected to make sure every bit of hair is GONE and will be judged on your shaving skills! If you fail you will face punishment!
Do you think you have what it takes to meet up to My hairless expectations?

Sissy Panty Slave

Sissy Panty Slave


*Includes 3 Panty Worship Pics!*
From now on bitch, you will serve as My sissy panty slave. Not only will you wear panties, you will practice sucking and fucking so that you can develop an appreciation for cocks as well.
This assignment includes 3 pictures of Princess Shimmy wearing her soft, silky pink panties as an example of the type of panties you should be looking for in order to complete this assignment.

Sissy Training

Sissy Etiquette 101


This is a crash course in sissy etiquette! As a male you are totally clueless as to what it takes to be a true sissy bitch. There are certain mannerisms and behaviours every sissy should adapt and learn such as how to sit nicely, proper posture, what to wear, hygiene and shaving routines.  Let Me show you how good sissy girls are supposed to act!

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Loser Quiz

Loser Personality Quiz


Have you ever wondered what kind of loser you are? Perhaps you can’t figure out if you’re just a submissive or if you’re truly a sissy faggot, cuckold or butt lover?
Well, it’s your lucky day! Take My 5 question loser multiple choice personality quiz and get your diagnosis, bitch!

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Sissy Behavior Modification


*Interactive Sissy Reprogramming*
As Princess Shimmy’s sissy, you are commanded to obey. Commanded to suffer. Commanded to serve.
You are compelled to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of control. On the count of three, after I snap My fingers you will kneel down before Me completely naked and put on your sissy bra and panties.
One… Two… Three… *SNAP!*
That’s My good little bitch. Now repeat the following worship mantras as you perform My sissification and suffering commands in real time..

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Public Humiliation Tasks


OMG! You are such a bitch and you totally need to humiliate yourself in public so others can see what a loser you are! This contains 3 ultra humiliating taks which you will complete in public… if you dare!

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Sissy Bitch Boot Camp

$9.99 $6.99

Princess Shimmy is cracking down on all submissive bitch men! That’s right bitch, I’ve decided I’m sending you all to boot camp… sissy bitch style! In 7 days you will be transformed into a panty wearing, lipstick loving, sissy whore and will thank Me for it! You can also expect to have your ass pounded, leaving you feeling totally used and degraded.

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