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Do you Have a Worthless Cock? Quiz


Have you ever wondered if you have a worthless cock or not? Do you have a garbage dick and not even know it? I’ll help you avoid any more potential embarrassment by giving you the low down on the status of your cock. After you answer these series of 9 questions I’ll use My expert opinion as an Alpha Female to tell you exactly what I think of your dick. I’ve also included two sexy pics of Myself that I give you specific instructions on how to worship according to My assessment on the status of your dick. Come find out the cold, hard truth and potentially have your orgasm denied!

*Includes 2 super HOT Worship pics!*

20 Ways to Fuck Your Life Up


I’ve listed 20 of the most diabolical, evil and depraved tasks I could think of for you to perform for Me. You’ll be shocked at how cruel some of these tasks are and how far they push your limits. These 20 really, really bad ideas have the potential to totally fuck your life up if you complete them.

Your life will be turned around forever and there will be no going back once you complete these Femdom humiliation tasks. This will really help anchor your spot on the bottom of the social food chain. You’ll want to face palm every time you get a hard on. Proceed with caution!

Femdom Freakshow Slave Auditions


Do you have what it takes to be put on display as My epic bitch?  How far are you willing to go to degrade yourself for My amusement?  Do you want to go down in history as the biggest loser on Earth?

Today you will be auditioning for My Femdom Freakshow by sending Me the most humiliating pictures you can possibly imagine.   I give you several humiliating photo ideas but in the end it’s up to you to follow through! Know that I only accept the most jaw dropping, LOL-worthy slave pictures. So, you better make it good if you want to be put on parade for the WHOLE WORLD to see on Princess Shimmy’s Femdom Freakshow!