Fall under My dark magick spell or get CURSED by a REAL Femdom Witch. Binding spells, breakup spells, erotic magic, findom magic control & so much more.

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Permanent Chastity Spell MP3


I am the Femdom Witch and I command the powers of darkness to possess your cock & possess your mind. You can kiss your sex life goodbye because you will never have sex or stroke again. I drain your cock of all of it’s lifeforce energy and put you under My Permanent Chastity Spell. Day by day the spell gets stronger… day by day your cock gets weaker.


*Warning! This MP3 contains a 100% real Black Magick spell that gets stronger and more powerful every time the clip is watched. This can cause permanent effects that CANNOT be reversed!*

*Listen to this with headphones on to experience the Mindfuck effects*

Princess Shimmy’s Devil’s ToyBox


Ever heard of a “Devil’s Toybox?” Legend has it that you can trap spirits inside a box with inwards facing mirrors.  Now just think to yourself for a second: If you can do that with spirits, imagine what I can do WITH YOU?

I’ve created My very own adaption of this box in order to bind you to My will and subjugate you to My  dark commands.  The mirrors act as an amplifier that will echo the reality that I have constructed for you, for infinity and beyond.  The powers of sacred geometry are evoked through this box as well, making this a wickedly powerful tool in My spiritual arsenal.

If you thought you’ve been “owned” before, you’ve never even come close to experiencing the effects of this.  I can use this box to implant any thought or suggestion into your head and have it echoed through the mirrors of eternity.  All I need to do is place your picture inside the box and create a symbol of My Intent.

Upon paying for this PTV you will be allowed to send Me a picture of yourself as well as a request of what thought or command you want amplified.  Would you like to be made into a zombiefied submissive that obeys My every command? Should I make it so that you’re obsessed with Me and think of Me day and night?

Or perhaps you want to develop an addiction for cock and be forced to live life as a gay man because I can do that too. Anything is possible with Princess Shimmy’s Devil’s Toybox.  The next step is to pay.

Gender Transformation Spell MP3


I expertly guide you into the deepest meditation of your entire life to leave you completely vulnerable and open to the influence of My femdom black magic. I take control over your mind and soul with a powerful full body relaxation then introduce you to the spirit of the Pink Sun. The Pink Sun is special and you won’t find this spirit anywhere else because I am the one who discovered and channeled it for gay spellcasting.

I direct the Pink Sun to possess you with it’s energy to cause a spiritual transfiguration of your gender, from male to female. Your male ego will be burned away and you will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, with your SOUL transformed and reprogrammed as a submissive female.

*Listen to this MP3 with headphones on to experience the mind altering audio effects.*


Custom Breakup Spell


I know you want nothing more than to leave your partner but simply do not have the balls to do so. You want to feel what it’s like to live your life as a single slave, so that you may serve Princess without your significant other getting in the way. Let’s take things to extreme measures by resorting to spiritual means to ensure the total and complete destruction of your relationship.
This is for a custom Black Magick Breakup Spell that I will perform for you. I will command dark forces to surround you to put an end to your relationship!

Your sex life will be non-existent.
You will fight non-stop.
She will grow serious resentment towards you and there will be nothing you can do about it!
Of course, there are certain personal details I will need to complete this working which you will be instructed to send once payment has been made. In return, you will receive photographic evidence that I’ve completed this sinister working.

Do you dare to find out what the universe has in store for you?

*Also includes one super hot breast worship pic!*